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We celebrated Olympe’s third year, and we can say that our start-up is not in its “starting phase” anymore. 2018 was marked by significant changes to become a big player in 2019.

The product

Our people brought major improvements to the product this year. The individual initiatives, team spirit, and determination of the team delivered higher platform stability, brand new user experience, better navigation, improved release process, simplified CODE platform, and new third-party and web services integrations.

The impact delivered by our technology

If we do anything, it is to witness people collaborate and accomplish ideas that lead their companies to think and operate in an innovative manner to create inclusive value for their teams, customers, and the society.

This year, we have been lucky to see our technology drive digital transformation for multinationals in various ways:

  • New Interaction in banking: one of our business innovators aspired to rethink his bank’s customer experience – which is a brilliant move, considering Forrester’s yearly review and predictions on CX*. In 10 DAYS, together with two persons of our team, he created an application that would engage the customer in a fully personalized, tailor-made approach to its banking situation.

*CX remains under fire: […] 89% of surveyed CX professionals affirm that their ROI is not well established in their companies. A reason for this missed opportunity is the strategic and structural mismatch between what CX needs to do and what CX is allowed to do or is capable of doing.

Olympe is a way out this dead end as it enables people to take ownership of an innovation project with the skills and competencies they have.

  • eGovernment blockchain-secured platform: the project of cutting-edge digital integrity platform (digital-only, dematerialized files, and records) led by SICPA has demonstrated that Olympe is the right technology to easily integrate blockchain as a deep tech brick for your business logic, thus securing both process and data integrity.


  • Supply Chain and Industry 4.0: for the oil and gas supply chain project we used Olympe to create a large scale entirely distributed system including IoT, digital twins, and blockchain technologies for real-time full control over devices, machines, processes, and sensitive data. Have a look at the project video:
Key learning: the key to transformation is not to go for a big disruption, but rather find the right touch point to deliver a first tangible convincing solution on which the transformation can occur.
This year, we demonstrated what we preach: START SMALL, ITERATE LIVE, THINK BIG.

Our people

Our team has doubled in 2018!

We reached the milestone of 25+ employees and moved into new offices (still at the EPFL Innovation Park). To have the means of our ambitions, we strengthened our multidisciplinary dev team making sure that anyone can work alternatively on product development and external/internal projects.

Given the stability and maturity that the product is reaching, this year was also marked with an additional focus on developing a commercial team that will probably be the fastest growing one in 2019!

If you are interested in joining a thrilling adventure and evolving in an environment where everyone knows why they are coming to work, keep an eye on our career page.

The team (minus some part-time and remote colleagues)

100% increase in revenue

Just as our team did, our revenue also doubled 2018 ! We launched a 4 days training session package for enterprises to get started on The Composer. The promise was:

“Create your software within a two weeks innovation sprint!”

And it worked! Our clients loved it and convincing them that they could achieve big with Olympe allowed us to triple small deals into big monthly recurring revenues.