AI-powered Business Process

The perfumer and her robot: fragrance creation goes digital

A fragrance manufacturer sells only about 1 of every 100 new scents it creates. So anything that speeds up scent exploration hits the top line. Olympe enabled this world-leading company to reimagine the old-fashioned process, with an AI-based 3D modeling application that connects to sample-producing robots in real time. Deployed at speeds that “surprised” and delighted the manufacturer.

  • The process of perfume creation used to be slow and manual. Expert perfumers ideated new formulas in isolation, did initial experiments in their office lab and maintained handwritten notes.
  • They sent a shortlist of formulas to the sample production site with a complex spreadsheet of important allergen, regulatory and business rule information.
  • They then waited days or even weeks for samples to be shipped to clients.
  • Once feedback came in, the whole cycle repeated until the client was satisfied.
  • Olympe created an application where the perfumer now developed a formula in 3D on-screen.
  • The application then connected to robots at both the perfumer’s site and the client’s site, automatically including key business data such as allergen and regulatory rules.
  • The robots instantly produced physical samples. The client could give the perfumer real time feedback to alter the formula and produce a new sample.
  • AI-like ingredient recommendation algorithms were built into the application.
  • All formulas are saved within the application for reuse in future exploration.
    • The company’s tech and business teams worked in parallel in Olympe’s visual programming environment.
    • Initial setup and achieving the MVP took 120 man-days.
    • New features and algorithms requested by the business were developed and put into production in as little as 2 days.
    • The application is now an essential part of the company’s manufacturing infrastructure.


    Who would have guessed that a process as subjective and emotional as the invention of new scents could be digitized?



    3 projects, 6 parallel environments In Olympe, it was possible to run 3 development projects in parallel in development, pre-production and production environments, for rapid iteration



    The application can handle 100+ perfumers simultaneously


    Man days

    For delivery of initial minimum viable product (MVP)

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