Beyond low-code with the Olympe platform

The Olympe platform provides the time to market of low-code with the customization possibilities of code.

Democratization of expertise

Low-code platforms have contributed greatly to the world of software development. More exactly, they have helped democratize the opportunities to create digital solutions. Software development had previously been exclusive to coders, who tend to be expensive and in short supply and whose skills need to be put towards “priority projects”. These low-code platforms have also significantly cut down the time that is necessary to develop digital solutions. Thanks to their shortcuts and built-in functionalities, businesses can get their apps up and running in no time.

How Olympe addresses low-code’s shortcomings: DRAW and CODE

Naturally, there is often (though not always) a catch to simple, fast and cost-effective tools. Low-code platforms do not offer as wide a range of opportunities and customization as code does. If your business does not require advanced features, low-code platforms are your best ally. However, if your business needs to be more innovative, has more a complex ecosystem or requires more advanced features, low-code platforms can fall short.

Olympe was created in order to simplify the process of software development, but without missing out on the opportunities provided by code. This is why there are two core components to the Olympe platform: DRAW and CODE.


DRAW enables anyone to design their software through visual programming, extend it seamlessly with developers in one single flow from prototype to production. By designing your spec in DRAW, your apps are already running (see software-as-data). Much like a low-code platform, it provides users with the means to imagine and design a digital solution, thanks to ready-to-use bricks. DRAW is also used by coders to be more productive, and any other professional with a variety of skills and knowledge that are valuable to the business and useful to the software development process.


With CODE, coders and software developers can add features to existing bricks or create new ones from scratch. They can integrate your new software with your legacy system, process real-time data flows and query your databases – anything that is not easily done with visual programming.

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Beyond low-code development: become an adaptive enterprise

Low-code is not a goal in and of itself, it is a means to an end. Your ultimate goal is to keep up with innovation and have the best performing, most cost-effective system. This is where Olympe can help you take your system even further.

Let us ask you a single question: does your existing system enable you to innovate and keep up with your ever-changing needs? If your answer is “no” but you are reluctant to completely change your legacy system, we have good news for you.

We know you have poured many resources into building your legacy system. Scrapping it for an entirely new system is discouraging and very costly. Thanks to the Olympe platform, you don’t have to. You can simply integrate new deep-tech components into your existing system in order to grow it and make it more agile. These components can either come from our ready-to-use bricks (using DRAW), or you can customize them or create them from scratch (using CODE).

This way, you create a coherent IT marketplace of re-usable “business bricks” for your enterprise, transforming all the internal and external APIs into business-relevant agile bricks that can be connected together on-demand. This is the receipt for true digital transformation, combining this flexible core layer and emerging technologies (AI, IoT, blockchain…) into real business use cases. Closing the innovation gap between APIs -whether connecting legacy or new tech- and business relevance, it is all about building an adaptive enterprise operated through real-time data and process flows.

Unlike any other platform, Olympe enables you to bring together your business and tech teams who can contribute their skills towards building the best possible digital solution. With Olympe, innovating with your legacy system is finally possible.