Field equipment inspection

Smarter visual inspection of field equipment

A large hydro-power equipment manufacturer was struggling to defends its margins against lower cost competitors. The visual inspection and maintenance of equipment at clients’ global field locations was particularly undervalued. With Olympe, the company developed an app that made on site inspections more comprehensive as well as enabling new collaborative and offline features. The company was now bringing more value to customers and differentiated itself as a premium supplier.
  • The company had large industrial assets leased out at clients’ locations, which regularly required inspectors to visit the site and check if the equipment required maintenance or repair
  • To differentiate itself from low cost suppliers, this company wanted to provide value-added services beyond basic inspection of equipment
  • They had considered using their existing low code tool Mendix, but the tool couldn’t handle the complexity of business rules. Its offline and its data visualization capabilities were limited.
  • With Olympe, the company built an application that
  • allows inspectors to take photos of the equipment and annotate them within the application
  • accesses equipment history for better decision-making
  • allows inspectors to input their reports even without internet, which are synced to the central database when internet becomes available
  • offers a customized visual dashboard of selected equipment performance criteria
  • The Olympe application was built 5x faster than with alternative technologies
  • The app not only met all requirements but the company could easily adapt it in future, for example to capture more performance indicators
  • Inspection results captured centrally, such as the corrosion of a rotating part, were now automatically also shared with the product team to design better products, such as turbines with more corrosion-resistant rotating parts.
  • This gave the company a product innovation edge over low cost competitors
  • 5x


    Developed a full-featured application 5x faster with Olympe than with traditional development tools


    Inspection cost

    Faster inspections could be done by less senior experts



    Application better identified ageing / defective parts for replacement

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