Gartner’s tech trends for 2020: how Olympe will help you fulfil your business potential

Gartner recently released an analysis of the top 10 technology trends that will be central to business strategies in 2020.

Among Gartner’s tech trends, Olympe is a key differentiator in the democratization of expertise, the leverage of autonomous things and the use of edge computing. Olympe also helps you leverage the power of hyperautomation, multiexperience, distributed cloud and blockchain.

Gartner’s tech trends:

Democratization of expertise

The democratization of expertise gives “citizen access” to advanced software development.

The Olympe platform provides businesses with the means to create innovative systems in a simplified environment and with little to no need for technical skills.

The Olympe platform caters to a wide range of users. DRAW’s no-code editors empower those in your business who know best despite not necessarily having any coding skills. This can be the case for UX/UI designers and business innovators for instance, as well as developers so they can work much faster.

Of course, the platform also offers the means for software developers and coders to take your system even further with more advanced features that can be developed with CODE. DRAW and CODE are one and based on the same concepts to provide a powerful full stack tool that goes beyond typical low code platforms.

Gartner expects the democratization of expertise trend to accelerate within these 4 key areas:

  • Data and analytics: Olympe helps you leverage the power of data by letting you make business sense of heterogeneous data sources (IoT, legacy databases)
  • Development: The Olympe platform helps you create custom applications fast, using business-relevant bricks that are either standard within our platform, available in our marketplace or developed from scratch by your own team
  • Design: Thanks to our visual programming editors, designing mock-ups amounts to designing your running application directly which will save you considerate resources
  • Knowledge: Thanks to CODE and DRAW, everyone can participate to software development with the Olympe platform. Bring together the people at the forefront of your business and develop the system with the best possible market fit

Autonomous things

Olympe augments existing systems and leverage new technology. Olympe Virtual Machines run on any device and provide a standardized environment with common IT machine features on top of which applications and services can be run. As a result, your assets communicate between each other more easily. By empowering smart devices, humans can focus on other tasks such as coordination, customer experience or anything that bring more added value.

“As autonomous things proliferate, we expect a shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a swarm of collaborative intelligent things where multiple devices will work together, either independently of people or with human input”

Gartner, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

To help you achieve this, the Olympe platform enables you to connect smart devices to your existing system and gather live data so you can stay on top of the situation at all times. A smarter ecosystem will enable you to communicate with your machines and make them communicate with each other for a more efficient collaboration.

See it in action in our logistics use case

As a result of this collaboration, you can:

  • Make more reliable forecasts
  • Avoid errors
  • Improve your decision-making based on tailored alerts
  • Maintain smoother and faster processes

Empowered edge

Edge computing is fundamental to the Olympe platform and is soon to become central to all industries and their use cases. With the Olympe platform, you can process large amounts of data through our OVMs (Olympe Virtual Machines) with no latency periods and less bandwidth use, ensuring high performing systems. Edge computing is particularly central to leveraging IoT’s full potential and automating your processes.

Other Gartner’s tech trends for which Olympe can help boost your legacy

While the following trends are not central to Olympe’s product offering, you can still leverage them through standard or custom Olympe bricks.


With the Olympe platform, you can combine automation tools and smart devices to carry out a wide range of tasks such as event analysis, automation and monitoring.

Distributed cloud:

The Olympe platform has a distributed or decentralized architecture, which means that your software is not powered, nor is your data processed by a central machine or group of machines. Olympe is Cloud based but could also be setup on premise to comply with company’s security requirements.


The Olympe platform helps you deliver truly immersive experiences to your users and customers. This can help you attract new customers in an innovative way or simply improve existing customers’ experience and interaction with your business.


The Olympe platform supports any blockchain as they can be manually integrated into business bricks. You can also use our ready-to-use KSI blockchain brick which supports far more transactions that any other blockchain.