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Olympe raises CHF 2.5 million in investment round to accelerate its growth

Olympe co-founders Laurent Chatelanat and Antoine Forel are proud to announce the closing of a 2.5 million Swiss franc funding round on 31 July 2020. Olympe is a disruptive software development platform for large companies.

This fundraising also welcomed Inter Invest Capital, leading management company in this funding round, as a new shareholder and its Co-founder and Partner Benjamin Cohen on Olympe’s Board of Directors. This round also opened up the capital to several employees who were eager to become more involved in the company. In addition, the general shareholders’ meeting decided to extend the subscription period to 31 October 2020, for an additional amount of up to one million Swiss francs.

“Olympe has developed a platform with a “low code software” feature to free companies from existing technical silos and encourage the adoption of new technological practices by its clients’ wide range of users. We are particularly appreciative of the excellence demonstrated by Olympe’s teams, who were able to develop a relevant, differentiating and innovative value proposition in a rapidly evolving market. We are delighted to lead this consortium, which will allow Olympe to industrialise its commercial approach and accelerate its development.” Benjamin Cohen, Co-founder and Partner of Inter Invest Capital.

Thanks to this investment, Olympe’s co-founders and their 30 teammates will be able to accelerate the platform’s marketing phase by reinforcing the sales and marketing team. The development team will also benefit from this fundraising to build the Olympe platform of tomorrow, by continuing to meet the growing needs of users, especially for supply chain management.

“This first stage of financing as a Scale up Vaud labelled company will allow us to quickly diversify our client portfolio. We will be able to confirm that our product meets all kinds of opportunities for companies who wish to go digital.” Antoine Forel, Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at Olympe.

A long-term accomplishment

Last year, Laurent Chatelenat and Antoine Forel announced the launch of an ambitious investment round. Very quickly, it became essential for both co-founders to partner with investors with extensive experience in the field, and to prioritise vision and values over the initial financial objective, thus implying a new round of investment in the near future.

“ This is a fundamental step for Olympe. This marks the transition from the R&D phase to the marketing phase of our product. I am both proud and happy with the team’s accomplishments. Being able to complete this round under the current circumstances is exceptional. Despite the uncertainty over COVID-19, we have managed to open eight new positions since March. Olympe is now in a very good position to take on the next challenges: we have a prestigious board of directors, and the expertise of each member brings great value to our young company. We can rely on a talented and motivated marketing and sales team as well as a team of engineers whose qualities are well established.” Laurent Chatelanat, Co-founder and Managing Director at Olympe.

About Olympe:

Olympe is a software editor scale-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its mission is to deliver a product that smartly interacts with people and existing systems to empower companies to instantly align IT capabilities with business decisions. Thanks to its unique ‘code as data’ technology, Olympe has been rewarded with various Swiss and European recognitions.

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About Inter Invest Capital :

Inter Invest Capital is an independent management company specializing in development capital operations for growing French SMEs. Inter Invest Capital selects long-lasting companies led by ambitious entrepreneurs who have proven their model and operate in innovative and fast-growing market segments, thus offering attractive development potential.

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