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On September 28th 2020, SICPA wrote the following statement about its collaboration with Olympe

Based in Lausanne, SICPA is the world leader in secure authentication, identification, traceability and integrity solutions and services. Since 2017, the company has worked closely with Olympe, a pioneering scale-up in the field of software development and located in the EPFL Innovation Park.

SICPA has always relied on innovation to enable trust, both in the fields of ​​security inks and ​​secure traceability. As soon as this became relevant, SICPA incorporated digital technology into its solutions. When exploring new sectors and seeking to accelerate certain areas of software development, Olympe’s approach is interesting. In addition to the work of our internal teams, it makes it possible to explore new possibilities such as testing the market’s response to a new offer, thus accelerating the Go-to-Market process in the event of a positive response from market players.

As explained by Gianni Nigro, Chief Operating Officer, Solutions Delivery & Operations at SICPA, “The markets in which we operate and the challenges we respond to demand a sustained pace of innovation and development. Olympe’s offer has enabled us to build on the wealth of our existing developments, to have several teams of software developers work together and to integrate new technologies.”

“It is an honour to be able to combine the expertise and reputation of a large group like SICPA with Olympe’s technical capabilities. SICPA has been able to fully exploit what makes Olympe’s strength: iteratively validating various technological concepts and integrating them into a production environment in record time. We are proud to see what SICPA has achieved with our technology”, comments Laurent Chatelanat, Co-Founder and General Manager at Olympe.