Deploying & administering remote robots

This manufacturer of humanoid robots needed better visibility over the deployment of its products to clients such as schools and stores. The application to monitor and manage the remote robots needed to be real-time and rapidly adaptable. They needed to learn faster from their customers to enhance the robots.

If the company did the application development in house, the timeframes, breadth and user friendliness of the application were not going to meet the expectations of the Product and Sales teams


  • The Olympe development team converged on the manufacturer’s true needs in a few days instead of months
  • The solution had 2 front end apps (manufacturer, clients) with customized interfaces for each client industry
  • 2 back end apps with full integration to the manufacturer’s AWS-hosted backends


  • In 3 months 50 robots were deployed to 4 enterprise clients
  • Their clients enjoyed a new level of functionality to self-administer their robots

2 front-end apps

For the robot manufacturer and for their customer

2 back-end apps

With full integration to the manufacturer’s AWS-hosted back-ends

2000 robots

Within 9 months, production apps were managing 2000 robots at 80 sites