Secure blockchain-based COVID certificates

As the COVID-19 situation emerged in 2020, restarting the economy required a way for people to be able to prove their health status. For this leading provider of secured identification and authentification solutions, productizing a secure digital COVID certificate before the competition was key to capturing high stakes global market share.  They did this using Olympe.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was launching digital vaccination certificates which could be scanned at the door of events  such as hockey matches and advise whether the document is valid or expired. The system needed to handle XXXX queries in real-time. They needed a robust solution to prevent forgery of the certificates.


  • The company and Olympe worked hand in hand to iteratively explore technological concepts that would let them track the digital asset « health certificate » across its complex lifecycle.
  • They built an application which used Digital Security Seal technology to secure the QR codes on the COVID certificate.
  • The encrypted QR codes, representing the value document,  are secured for life on the blockchain.
  • A document verifyer application went into production in record time and functioned equally well on tablet, mobile or desktop.
  • The package of Olympe bricks addressing the needs of the digital trust economy built for this project can be reused to instantly address any other company’s use case.


  • A complete solution was built and deployed globally in a matter of weeks.
  • It met the demands of global scale, highly secured/private environment, and integration with generic 3rd party systems.
  • Over 100,000 COVID certificates have been issued which are compatible with the Olympe application.
  • It was the first fully secured system to be put in place in the professional sports sector by the international Kontinental Hockey League.