Interactive portfolio-building application for a bank

Do your new customers often seem overwhelmed by the complexity of your products? Now you can give them not just a catalog but an interactive portfolio-building tool. Live product data and scenarios customized to their profile will make it easy for them to construct the portfolio they want.

  • Swiss private bank’s presentation of investment products in PowerPoint was overwhelming to prospects.
  • Static slides made it difficult to compare costs and returns of products.
  • Prospects often walked away without making a decision: negative impact on bank’s revenues.


  • An interactive product exploring application
  • Gain/loss simulations based on customer’s individual age, gender, and investment style.
  • Prospects could continue using application on their own mobile phone by scanning a QR-code.


  • The bank can capture prospects’ profile and leverage it to present the most relevant product portfolios
  • Prospects feel more engaged.
  • Enhances the image of the bank as being digitally savvy.

15 days

The working prototype was built in just 15 days of effort.

Live co-development

The Olympe platform can handle multiple simultaneous developers, allowing the bank’s business analysts to build alongside our developers.

Faster-than-ever iteration

Executive sponsors could see a new iteration of the application almost daily.