New purchase order management capabilities, perfectly integrated with SAP

Isn’t it cumbersome dealing with the ever-growing volume of POs and invoices in your ERP? Olympe has helped this large multinational in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) to reduce their PO management effort by 30% with an application that operates seamlessly with their ERP.

  • This multinational was struggling with 1’000 approvers of PO permissions in their procurement system
  • It was spending 10’000 days per year managing purchase requests


  • Olympe enabled the creation of an application in 3 weeks using existing APIs
  • It included single sign on with permissions
  • Then, user interface improvements were made, and new cost centers and functionality were added to the application iteratively based on feedback from first 50 users


The company reduced their PO management effort by 3’000 man days (-30%)

3 weeks

Time required to build a working application

-3’000 man days

Annual reduction in PO management effort


Less time spent each year reading, modifying and deleting PO approver permissions