Predictive tire maintenance with AWS

A major aircraft tire manufacturer’s installation and replacement service  was very manual: field teams had to manually check identifiers on tires and find the various associated paper documents. This was costly and often error-prone.

  • The company had tried to create an app to automate procedures but development had taken too long output did not meet the true needs.
  • Technical challenges (scanning algorithms) had been very difficult.
  • Translating a manual business process to a digital app had been very difficult.


  • The Olympe team created specifications directly within the Olympe platform, by working hand in hand with the manufacturer’s business team.
  • The app scanned tire’s serial number using mobile camera & Amazon Web Service’s optical character recognition (OCR) service.
  • The 1st version of the demo app was converted to a live application prototype. 7 days later it was ready to demo to the manufacturer and their clients.


  • Final deliverable was a set of mobile applications for the manufacturer’s field service teams and for clients, fully integrated with client’s ERP. Clients could now query their tire’s status in the manufacturer’s system.
  • Internal teams got an enhanced maintenance business process, including predictive maintenance


-6 months

Shorter lead time from conception to production

+20% retention

Increased customer retention thanks to value-added services

+5 projects

Triggered 5 co-innovation projects with their clients in 6 months