Real-time transport cost calculator for a manufacturing company

Is the total cost of sourcing a gasket lower from India or Ecuador? With Olympe a major manufacturer built an application that automates large volumes of complex cost calculations for their materials, boosting the productivity of their supply chain teams.

  • A major European manufacturer needed to source nuts, bolts, and gaskets abroad for customers and for their own production.
  • Sourcing the most cost-effectively required hours of manual computing of shipping, customs and other costs.
  • Fluctuating cost data was already outdated when used in manual calculations, leading to inaccurate price comparisons.
  • As a result, the supply chain / sourcing team sometimes failed to use the most cost-effective method.


  • Working from just an e-mail describing the client’s needs, Olympe built a fully functional prototype application that automated transport cost calculation. We built this in 2 hours.
  • The app connects to official customs fees database, manufacturer’s ERP, real time prices from parts suppliers.
  • The app calculates and feeds real-time “transport cost comparisons” back to the ERP.
  • It is multi-user and works on desktop or smartphone.


  • The app boosts the productivity of Supply Chain teams by automating large volumes of complex calculation processes.
  • It increased the manufacturer’s profit margin by lowering costs through better sourcing decisions.
  • In future new data sources can be added to the app effortlessly by the manufacturer themselves.

2 hours

Time to develop live, working app

1 email

Amount of specifications required to build app

4 systems

Data sources interfaced with app for cost calculations