A fully digital way to sell electric car charging services

To respond to the growing electric vehicle (EV) needs of its customers, this major Swiss electricity utility was developing an EV charger installation and subscription service. The company had already invested significantly in home charging equipment and ROI depended on the ability to quickly onboard customers. Olympe helped the innovation team deliver the prototype of their first fully app-based service.

The company needed to develop an app where customers could

  • compute the subscription price based on their EV brand, model and estimated mileage
  • geolocate their address to determine their eligibility and subscribe to the service
  • interact with the utility company for any post-sales matters

Developing a conventional website to do this would have required an expensive web agency and several months’ lead time.


  • A 1-hour workshop was held with a broad fusion team: Business Analyst, Marketing, Web UI, Developer
  • A fully operational prototype was developed in 2 days based on a simple e-mail describing their need
  • It managed a dynamic pricing computation and generated interactive screenflows based on customer inputs
  • It featured the utility company’s branding
  • It functioned on any mobile device and could integrate into their existing website


  • The app provided all the desired functionalities at a fraction of time and cost of alternative solutions.
  • The prototype, tested in the field, was much more compelling than a slide deck for the innovation team to obtain budget approval for further iteration.

2 days

Time to develop live, working portal

2 meetings

Required to understand specs

4 profiles

The well-rounded fusion team that delivered it