Effortlessly digitizing regulatory forms

A leading Swiss university needed its 6,000 employees to periodically complete a Conflict of Interest form. With Olympe a paper-based process was transformed into a functional e-form app, in just 2 days.

  • For this Conflict of Interest declaration form, a regulatory requirement, the university wanted a digital procedure rather than a tedious paper-based one.
  • The form workflow and history needed to be auditable, if requested by authorities
  • Developing this with a typical IT consultancy would have been costly and taken months.


  • A 1-hour workshop was held with the university’s IT team
  • Based on minimal specifications a fully functional standalone prototype was developed in just 2 days
  • It featured 2 different desktop apps (1 for the users and 1 for the admin), with a fully client-branded front end
  • It functioned on any mobile device
  • “Conflict of Interest Declaration Records” were archived locally and auditable


  • The app provided all the desired functionalities at a fraction of time and cost it would have taken with traditional development platforms.
  • The prototype could be easily scaled to production-level capacity for the university’s large number of users.

2 days

Time to develop live, working application

1 hour

Time required to gather requirements


Number of users the app handles