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Recently, Olympe founder and CEO Laurent Chatelanat had the pleasure of being invited onto the Midstage Startup Momentum Podcast by Roland Sieblink. The podcast features entrepreneurs sharing their startup stories and regularly boasts founders from some of the most promising tech startups in the world. Its host, Roland Sieblink, is an experienced startup coach.

It turns out Roland has also been part of a Swiss-based startup in the past. So naturally, the conversation started by reminscing about our lovely home city of Lausanne. Laurent offered tips on getting your new product to market and also shared the story of how he came up with Olympe’s name. Thank you Roland for the great chat!

Here’s one tip from Laurent about taking your IT solution to market at large enterprises:

You need to find people that have an innovation mindset. They want to change things. Doers that really want to try different things, to really make things different and bring innovation, bold innovation in the company. Because Olympe is really changing deeply how things are deployed and you can get huge gains, but you have to change a lot of things.

Read more or listen to the podcast.