The Top Swiss Software Startups of 2019

The ninth edition of the TOP100 Swiss Startups Award happened yesterday in Zurich. Each year since 2011, Venturelab has organized the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award. The 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by a panel of 100 leading investors and startup experts. Each one nominates 10 favorite Swiss startups, less than five years old, with the greatest commercial potential. The first-placed company gets 10 points, the second 9 and so on. All these individual rankings are compiled to generate the final TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award ranking, which therefore recognizes the startups that have most impressed all 100 jury members.

For the third consecutive year, Olympe made it to the prestigious list alongside twenty five other software innovators. We are proud to be named as one of the 2019’s Top Swiss Startups and grateful for the value recognition of our technology.




Looking back to the beginning of Olympe

It all started with a devouring intuition. That if programming were tackled differently, and made accessible to non-technical profiles, IT projects would have way more chances to be completed much faster.

A new approach would also improve how multiple systems can coexist and collaborate, and thus make the job of CIO easier.

That is why, in 2011, Laurent Chatelanat took “if you want something done right, do it yourself” literally, and embarked on the journey of conceiving a new way to develop software. Former classmate and friend Antoine Forel quickly joined the adventure.

Together, they’ve been working relentlessly on a full-stack environment that would help teams rapidly turn good ideas into sturdy digital solutions.

Olympe was officially founded in 2015 and has today 27 full-time employees.

BIG shoutout to…

Of course, we would also like to congratulate our co-winners and give you an insight into the software landscape of our country. You can also explore the whole TOP100 on the official website.

Here are the 2019’s most promising software startups in Switzerland:

  • Bestmile SA: Fleet automation platform for the intelligent operation of autonomous vehicle fleets
  • Gamaya SA: Decision support and automation solutions for precision agriculture
  • Advanon AG: Disrupting the invoicing market
  • Ledgy AG: Error-free cap table to manage your ESOPs and model detailed financing rounds
  • Exeon Analytics AG: Exeon Analytics fights advanced cyber-attacks using big data analytics
  • IMVERSE SA: Create a VR/MR interactive 3D movie from a single 2D photo with live hologram actors and real-time VFX
  • TestingTime AG: We recruit test users for user and market research
  • guuru AG: Crowdsourcing customer service with existing customers
  • AlgoTrader AG: The first fully integrated algorithmic trading software solution for hedge funds and trading companies
  • Dotphoton AG: Quantum-inspired raw image compression
  • PriceHubble AG: Radically improves the understanding and transparency of real estate markets based on data-driven insights
  • Eyeware Tech SA: Attention Sensing with 3D Eye Tracking
  • xorlab AG: Detecting and preventing sophisticated cyber-attacks
  • Locatee AG: Enabling organizations to optimize their space utilization and create more engaging work environments while reducing the cost of space and energy
  • Olympe SA: the real-time platform for enterprises digital transformation
  • Apiax AG: Making compliance lean, easy and efficient for the banking sector
  • Crypto Real Estate AG (SwissRealCoin): Real estate crypto token
  • Avrios International AG: We make mobility work for business
  • Futurae Technologies AG: Two-factor authentication (2FA) technology
  • uniqFEED AG: Entirely software-based virtual advertising technology
  • INVOLI SA: Enabling the safe integration of drones into the airspace
  • Sygnum AG: Integrated solution to securely issue, store, trade and manage digital assets
  • Advice Online AG: Digital banking cloud
  • Altoida AG: Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease
  • recapp IT AG: Customised multilingual speech recognition for Swiss languages and dialects
  • OneVisage SA: Leading digital identity platform provider