Supercharge your legacy IT and development team

Deliver and operate software faster than ever on the world’s most advanced composition platform

What's a Composition Platform?

Helps you serve your digital enterprise fast and at scale


Business changes so fast that neither IT nor business can do it alone. Olympe enables optimal collaboration between IT and business teams

Scalable Distributed Event-Driven Architecture

Olympe provides a distributed and event-driven architecture allowing business-critical deployment at a global scale and real-time data

Governance and Auditability

The Olympe platform is managed by IT specialists, enforcing enterprise standards in security and processes, while offering the agility their business counterparts crave

Native Integration

Olympe lets you bypass API management platforms like Mulesoft to save cost, time and agility

Developers love Olympe

Without your developers on board you won’t get far… Win them over by offering freedom. They can use any  tool they love, including IDE, CI/CD pipelines & GIT

Code as Data

Olympe’s unique code as data technology offers many benefits, like a searchable database of capabilities that allows maximum reuse and asset sharing

Solving your most important IT challenges

Composable Operations

Make commercial products more intelligent as well as internal monitoring and alerting tools . Create smart dashboards with AI-powered risk analysis and take actions more rapidly. All this, easily built on top of an Oracle database, SAP or any other legacy IT system.

Composable Procurement

SAP Ariba is powerful but lacks more sophisticated capabilities like optical character recognition, customized purchase order management, or more advanced approaches to supplier risk management . Olympe provides these features, and many more, off-the-shelf and plugs them into Ariba in a matter of days. So your ERP investment continues delivering returns for years to come.

Composable Supply Chain

Mastering one’s supply chain depends on maintaining traceability of the supply chain in real time. The promise of IoT is huge, but integrating it with existing batch-processing systems like SAP is complex. Olympe connects to the enterprise’s main event-driven buses and allows the seamless composition of real-time data with batch-processing systems. Whether it’s with the off-the-shelf Solace, Kafka or RabbitMQ connector, Olympe offers you a consolidated view of your supply chain that ultimately lets you make accurate decisions in real time.

The Olympe Platform: “There’s a brick for that”

Build full-on apps by composing together bricks of code visually. The platform contains bricks for nearly anything you want the app to do. Need a connector or business capability that’s not in the platform?

No sweat, simply code your own brick in JavaScript. Run the application and it automatically deploys. Test and iterate on the fly. This is the beauty of the code-as-data underlying the Olympe composition platform.

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