Code Different

Integrate data, build services and accelerate your business with Olympe, the most advanced composition platform on the market.

What's a Composition Platform?

Solving your most important IT challenges

Augmented ERP

Leverage your ERP investment (SAP, Oracle…) by filling the gaps. Create complementary applications running side-by-side with your systems to bring new functionalities in a secured, compliant and agile manner

Augmented hyperscalers

Adopt best-of-breed strategy by combining your service & cloud providers. Have all capabilities from your different providers on a single platform to better fit your needs

Actionable dashboard

Bring action and intelligence to your reporting and monitoring. Create smart dashboard with AI-powered risk analysis and take actions more rapidly

Rapid prototyping

Leverage the power of composition for prototyping. Use our sprint methodology to deliver concrete results that you thought impossible in a few days only

Track & Trace solutions

Be the one-stop-shop for your supply chain projects. Collect and process data from various sources (including IoT), manage events in real time, create alerts and provide consolidated view of what is happening in your supply chain

The Olympe Platform


Wrap your enterprise’s business capabilities into modular bricks of code. Automate brick creation or create them yourself, then publish them in the Marketplace


Compose new applications and services by assembling bricks. Reuse bricks and focus your business-users on the creation of applications with DRAW (AI-powered visual programming tool)


Instantly deploy your applications and services by easily running the composition of bricks.


Who trusts us

« The markets in which we operate and the challenges we respond to demand a sustained pace of innovation and development. Olympe’s offer has enabled us to build on the wealth of our existing developments, to have several teams of software developers work together and to integrate new technologies. »

Gianni Nigro, COO, Solutions Delivery & Operations at SICPA.