At Olympe, we believe in the power of rapid innovation. Our integrated 4 weeks digital MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in collaboration with Design Sprint, is designed to transform your innovative ideas into viable and functional products quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how we can help you bring your concepts to life:

Week 1: Design Sprint

The journey begins with an intensive five-day workshop led by Design Sprint. During this week, your entire team collaborates closely to understand your business objectives, generate interface and service ideas, and align all stakeholders. Using Figma, you create a quick prototype to test the desirability of the concept.

This sprint includes:

  • Day 1 => Understand – A full-day session with your complete team to grasp the project’s scope and requirements.
  • Day 2 => Sketch – Your team collaborates to brainstorm and sketch potential solutions.
  • Day 3  =>Decide – Together, you decide on the most promising solution to prototype.
  • Day 4 => Prototype – Design Print’s designers, along with select team members, build a realistic prototype.
  • Day 5 => Test – The prototype undergoes UX testing with real users or target customers to validate the concept.

Week 2: Build

With a validated prototype in hand, Olympe takes over to begin the actual construction of your MVP using our Fullstack low-code technology.

This phase involves:

  • Transitioning from the design sprint to hands-on development.
  • Engaging with your IT department and a subject matter expert to address technical and functional questions.
  • Ensuring a seamless integration of your company’s data sources (e.g., databases, ERP, CRM tools like Excel, SAP, SharePoint, Salesforce, Oracle).

Week 3: Test with Data

During this week, the first functional version of your MVP is put in place by Olympe. We organize a user testing session mid-week to identify improvement opportunities.

This involves:

  • Conducting qualitative testing sessions and gathering feedback.
  • Iterating on the MVP to enhance functionality and user experience.

Week 4: Deliver

In the final week, Olympe integrates any modifications and prepares for the MVP’s launch. At the end of the month, you receive a fully functional MVP ready for internal or market testing.

This phase includes:

  • Final adjustments and polish.
  • Comprehensive testing to ensure all functionalities meet your business requirements.
  • Delivering a functional MVP that leverages your actual data, potentially incorporating AI elements through integrations with models like ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and others.


With our expert teams and advanced technology, by the end of the 4th week you will achieve a fully functional digital MVP  using your data, complete with a data model based on your needs.

Why Choose Creating digital MVP with Design Sprint & Olympe ?

Our sprint methodology significantly reduces uncertainty and risk, accelerates time-to-market, and allows you to experiment with AI potential. It aligns your team around clear strategies, enables testing with real data, and generates decision-making data. Our approach dramatically improves execution speed and energizes your team, setting the stage for future key projects.

Get Started Today

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Design Sprint:

Founded in 2015 by Steph Cruchon, Design Sprint is Europe’s most experienced design sprint agency. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, they work internationally. The mission of Design Sprint is to help large companies, organisations, and startups innovate and reinvent themselves through 5-day design sprint workshops.


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