Building for the future in times of crisis

Emergencies are exposing necessities and fast-forwarding the decision processes.

For many, digital needs are now crystal clear. It suddenly goes beyond the CDO’s innovation task force or the new technologies out-pacing IT systems. Abruptly, it became everyone’s problem.

Today more than ever, companies are racing against uncertainty. Gaining a competitive edge or pleasing customers in new ways seem shallow at the moment, as many businesses are simply fighting for bottom-line operations and survival.

The situation in which companies currently are shows a shift from the what – what should I do, what should I change, which tool should I get… to the how – whatever I do, how can I do it to adapt the fastest, today and for the years to come?

In times of emergencies, quick fixes tend to become long-term fixtures. It represents an additional challenge for businesses to come up with a solution TODAY that will hopefully not become a burden tomorrow.

Helping companies becoming adaptive to respond more easily and quickly to technology advancement and evolving business needs is the purpose of Olympe. In the span of the last few weeks, many of our contacts and customers reached out to come up with urgent solutions that may as well evolve as an asset for their business when the crisis shall pass.

If you think that you have no time to build and deploy a robust and secure solution to address immediate shortfalls, you will be surprised.

If you feel that you too, need a hand while going through these uncertain times and planning for the future, reach out. We can take a moment together to see how Olympe can help.

The current situation disrupted our plans at Olympe as well, luckily not as brutally as it did to many others. Despite all the uncertainty, we focus on the positive changes it brings too. We couldn’t imagine a better reminder of how important it is for an enterprise of any size to be able to adapt to situation in the fastest way.

All the best,

Laurent Chatelanat