Lausanne, Switzerland – 22 August 2023   

Leading Digital Innovation with Next-Gen Software Development

Olympe, an award-winning IT company on a mission to enable digital enterprises, offers a next-gen software development platform to build and sustainably maintain enterprise-grade applications. Embracing the Composition approach, Olympe ensures seamless integration between systems, real-time collaboration between IT and Business and full governance of custom developments. Olympe, which boasts over 8 years of experience doing composition with large multinationals, announced it was named as a sample vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for the Future of Enterprise Application*.

Olympe Recognized by Gartner as a Leader in Composable Applications Trend

According to Olympe, ”Application Composition Platforms” have established themselves as a significant trend for the future of application development” and the productization of IT services within large organizations. This nomination as a Sample Vendor proves that the company is in line with this trend in terms of vision and strategy.

In the report, according to Gartner “Composable applications are built, in part or in whole, as flexible assemblies (compositions) of software components that represent well-defined business capabilities, packaged for programmatic access. The business-centric modularity of composable applications empowers democratized access to technology and business innovation. Composable applications support faster, safe and more efficient digital business innovation. Advanced use of composable applications allows cross-application compositions.”

Bridging IT and Business for Enhanced Value Creation

Olympe platform streamlines the software development process and links it directly to business needs – empowering IT teams to provide more business value from their digital assets. “Our platform basically works by aligning companies’ IT capabilities and business processes to better leverage data”, stated Laurent Chatelanat, Founder & CEO at Olympe SA. “Olympe enhances collaboration between IT developers and business stakeholders. The developers code components with a specific technological or business meaning. By composing them together – an easy task on our platform – business counterparts benefit from an immediate value that can be enhanced overt-time unlike traditional development processes”.

Olympe platform is the future of development for any enterprise from all industries, with proven expertise and use cases in Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations.

For further information about the report, please visit Gartner Hype Cycle for the Future of Enterprise Application. For further information about Olympe Platform and how your organization can benefit from it, contact us.

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