Since 2015, Olympe reinvents software development to boost the business impact of IT teams. With the Olympe platform, teams create robust and adaptive solutions that augment existing systems while leveraging new technology.

Olympe’s unique ‘real-time data flow’ technology brings IT systems interaction and user experience to a whole new level. Companies can deliver digital innovation 10x faster than with traditional development tools and build the Adaptive Enterprise to respond better to ever-changing business needs.

Take the product tour for an interactive introduction (desktop only) to the Olympe platform

  • DRAW

DRAW is a visual interface to create applications and services without writing a single line of code. Build the best possible digital solutions gathering your relevant experts on the different editors: UI/UX design, logic, data-models…. Software created in DRAW is stored as data (not code). This data is then interpreted in real-time by an OVM –some documentation about data flows.

  • CODE

CODE is our own framework conceived over the widely used language JavaScript. Olympe is a limitless platform, as developers can enrich it by coding new features into existing bricks or creating their own from scratch. Visit our documentation website for in-depth information about CODE.

  • Architecture

Leverage your existing infrastructure to create one connected ecosystem. Free yourself from the heterogeneous solutions and legacy debt problems and drive growth.

What you can do with it ?

With your DRAW dedicated access, you can make your first steps on the Olympe platform by yourself, whenever you want. If you have an idea that you wanted to test for a while but find yourself with little or no access to IT knowledge or resources, this free trial is for you!

Are you a developer doubtful about traditional low-code platforms? Give us a chance to surprise you. In Olympe, low-code is just a feature that provides an impressive time-to-market. Still, you won’t feel limited as you can count on the customization possibilities of conventional code (see documentation) to extend the platform to your needs with new features.

Also, you might be curious about discovering a new paradigm, wanting to learn something new, or impressing your colleagues and friends with some real-time magic tricks while introducing them to new technology.

DRAW for devs…

  • Be at the forefront of software innovation
  • Experiment the power of dataflows
  • Create custom bricks in DRAW to extend it with new features

… and for business analysts & designers

  • You like to try new things, and want to test an idea and bring a fresh incentive to innovate to your company
  • Feel empowered by visual programming and give life to your ideas without a single line of code
  • Get enthusiastic about seeing what you are building appearing in real-time on your other devices (mobile, tablet, another computer)

Example of solutions that you can build with DRAW

The full power of the Olympe platform is not always necessary to have an impact. Read how the innovation taskforce of the Lausanne’s public transportation got their running MVP in 6 days, almost entirely built with DRAW.

As soon as you’ll have your dedicated access, why not try this tutorial to build your first app?

Anyway, you can have a look at our use cases.

Beyond DRAW – Olympe’s key advantages

Keep in mind that the Olympe platform is more than DRAW. It is an entire environment to build and run simple to complex solutions in a way that your existing systems will fuel your innovation initiatives to help you drive business growth much faster than with traditional development.

Here are some key advantages to choosing Olympe to develop and optimize IT solutions:

  • Speed and cost of development: Olympe boosts the productivity and impact of the IT, working hand in hand with business. With Olympe, you can create your own enterprise system 10x faster than with traditional development and offer tailored experiences to your employees, customers, and partners. Through inherent modularity, fast adaptation and IT transparency, Olympe promotes re-usability of successful components, preventing siloes and shadow IT.
  • Data and legacy friendly: Olympe understands that there are things that you can’t replace. Legacy systems have tremendous value running today’s business, build upon them. Olympe plays as an agile layer on top of your systems to untap their potential in supporting you to adapt dynamically, by gathering and exploiting data from various sources and any technologies.
  • Secure and scalable for the long run: keep control, build for growth. Integrate your security policies; you can deploy Olympe’s technology in your own infrastructure or cloud, as well as using it in self-service. Olympe’s Virtual Machines are scalable by design, and it is possible to distribute the processing among them (edge computing). Finally, ensure IT transparency, coherence and efficiency for the long term: grow your own marketplace of adaptive re-useable ‘bricks’ within your Olympe environment.

Raffaele Lauro, IT Consultant

“As a developer and an integrator, Olympe is of interest in many ways. With the combination of DRAW and CODE, we can build the same solution in many different ways. It gives more thrill to the design and allows us to develop as it best suits us. The full potential of Olympe, as an integrator, is to provide to non-technical people the ability to change business rules inside of the platform by delivering to them, not only applications, but also a toolbox with which they can adapt, or even design, their own solutions.

Mathieu Menet, Innovation Manager

“The positive experience we had with Olympe during our concept exploration gave us the following opportunities: Being able to develop functional solutions in a few days, not limit ourselves to mock-ups, but also test functional aspects, being able to introduce the real-time concept across different systems, and correcting bugs detected on the fly, even during a test.”

Sauro Nicli, Investor

“What struck me most about Olympe, is how it integrates with, and supplements legacy systems and existing processes. By wrapping legacy functionalities and processes into modules, and through simple interfacing with the external world, it enables companies to unlock value from their current environment, while boosting the execution of innovation programs. Business leaders can absorb markets dynamics faster and adapt much more swiftly and pro-actively by using Olympe, as it preserves the value of your legacy assets while removing the typical barriers to innovation adoption and deployment.”


Connect What You Have, Create What You Need – Now.