There are many potential pitfalls in the digitalization of procurement. One major issue is the lack of universal guidelines. This can lead to a situation where each organization has its own unique system and processes, which can make it difficult to exchange data and collaborate effectively. At Olympe, we provide you with bespoke solutions and dedicated experts to assess your needs and select the right solution for your organization.

Another challenge is the need to integrate disparate systems and data sources, which can be time-consuming and costly. Finally, there is a risk that digital procurement tools will not be used effectively if they are not user-friendly or if there is a lack of training.

Composition platforms allow the procurement department to manage the entire process from one central location, integrating with other business systems and providing users with a user-friendly interface. By automating manual tasks, such as requisition approvals and contract management, these solutions can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, composition platforms can provide valuable insights into spending patterns and trends, which can help to improve decision-making. This can help to improve efficiency, collaboration, and data quality while reducing costs.

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