The most advanced composition platform
in the market

Our mission is to virtualize the world of enterprise into bricks

Enterprise business

Wrap capabilities
into brick

Assemble bricks to create applications and services

Deploy your applications and services by running
brick on our agents

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Wrap capabilities into bricks

Even though Olympe provides 1500+ bricks out of the box, the one you need might be missing. Build your own to provide advanced UI behaviors, custom integrations with new or legacy platforms and data sources, embed emerging technologies such as AI or to reuse packages that you already built for other projects. Use Javascript, Typescript, Web Assembly or any web-compatible language and access the full NPM ecosystem to build anything you need. 

CODE: augment capabilities with traditional coding

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Enterprise bricks

Onboard your existing systems and processes on your transformation journey

AI Predictive

New tech bricks

Your fuel for innovation. Access and leverage the latest technologies to embrace internal and external innovation


Olympe standard bricks

From rich UI components to API and data integrations, workflows, functions and data models. All the core features you need for a 360° approach to development


Limitless possibilities

Do not let your platform stifle your innovation! You have the same capabilities as we do. Our bricks are open source, so you do not have to start from scratch. You are never stuck, having to say, “we can’t do this” or “we need to wait for the platform to provide this feature.”

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Compose bricks to built services


Assembling the bricks to
create value


Fast and easy composition of the service with visual programming and AI


Same bricks re-used through different services

Say hello to easy composition with DRAW

… and say goodbye to paper specs, mockups, and lines of code. DRAW is the visual programming interface of the Olympe platform. Bring your experts together on its three editors for a faster, more accurate development. Less misinterpretation, more impact.

UI/UX editor for UX designers

A lot goes into creating stunning user experiences. Every design you make in the Olympe platform is run exactly as you intended. Hence avoiding misinterpretations with developers. The design guidelines are defined and applied throughout the set of applications. Create interactive designs you didn’t think possible.

Data model editor for master data managers

Thanks to this particular editor, you can define your system’s business objects, their attributes and relations, as well as data lifecycles and access rules. The logic editor will help you create, update, and query business objects, while the UI/UX editor will automatically update data visualization if it changes anywhere.

Logic editor for developers and business analysts

One of the Olympe platform’s unique features is Event Stream Processing (ESP), its ability to process real-time streams of data. With the logic editor, define the project’s applicative logic when assembling bricks, through algorithms, processes and workflows. You can assemble bricks and collect data from heterogeneous sources and process them together in order to gather cross-system business insights in real-time.
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Deploy services globally


Services based on bricks are accessible anywhere


Execute specific composition of bricks and provide access to data and services in real-time, and enable edge-computing use-cases


Real-time view and auditability of your compositions of bricks

Agent loads the required

Agent loads the bricks composition

Bricks send & receive data events from local DataCloud (in-memory graph database)

Some use cases

Digital Seal Technology

Digital Seal Technology

Digital Seal Technology Secure blockchain-based COVID certificates As the COVID-19 situation emerged in 2020, restarting the economy required a way

Fleet management with IoT

Fleet management with IoT

Fleet management with IoT Delivering a premium sea freight service using IoT Sea freight is historically a low margin business

P.O. Management in SAP

P.O. Management in SAP

P.O. Management in SAP New purchase order management capabilities, perfectly integrated with SAP Isn’t it cumbersome dealing with the ever-growing